Our line of performance comfort shirts can be customized as a workforce uniform that easily transitions from day to night.

  • Give workers a wildly comfortable work shirt that they’ll want to leave on when they get home.
  • WildSpark™ looks and feels like other leading performance wear until exposed to a light source in a low-light environment.
  • The reflective patterns on WildSpark™ apparel appear brightly to any observer projecting a light source, such as a driver, turning the wearer into a shining beacon in the road.

For decades, we at Reflective Apparel have focused on America’s workforce, developing ANSI safety workwear that is made to fit and to last. Being visible on the jobsite is critical to personal safety where one misstep can lead to an injury or worse. But safety doesn’t stop at the fence line. We all know friends or family who have experienced a near miss, or even an injury, as a pedestrian. Danger knows no boundaries, so neither can safety!

With the introduction of WildSpark™, we are bringing the same safety-first thinking to performance comfort apparel. Designed with safety and style in mind, every WildSpark™ garment has reflective properties that are discreet in the daylight but provide high-vis reflectivity in low-light situations, like a roadside.


Employees can wrap up their days comfortable in a work shirt as they go on with their day and night.

WildSpark™ keeps people comfortable and visible with its reflectivity.

“People should be visible at work, as well as when they walk to the bus stop, ride their bike or walk their dog after work. I’ve seen employers encourage their employees to use hearing, vision and respiratory protection whenever and wherever it’s needed, not just at work. Safety awareness shouldn’t stop at the jobsite.”



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